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guest equi2000
I agree totally with Randy. Most of the membership reap the
benefits of all the behind the scenes volunteers, and we
conveniently look the other way rather than do any of the
work ourselves. DSS has probably gained a lot of her customer
base due to endurance riding, not the other way around. If she
feels she can't donate any of her time now that she's so
popular, we won't miss her. What if all the volunteers (board
members, committee members etc) demanded remuneration (be it
freebies or cash).  AERC would close down fast.  Get real. EN is 
not Horse & Rider or Practical Horseman.  It's our club 
newsletter. It just happens to be a very nice one, but it's 
still a club publication. Let her submit to the 'real'
magazines and get paid and see how long she lasts. I bet without
her endurance exposure, she drops out of sight fast.

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