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Re: Non Electric Insulated water buckets

I have one in one of my horse's box stall.  It still freezes pretty solid on
top when the weather gets cold---the average daytime temp was in the 30s for
a couple of weeks, well below freezing at night, the bucket was inside a
protected stall with a closed door at night.  A good inch of ice, maybe a
bit more---enough that the horses aren't drinking as much as they should.  I
switch it out for a bottom-heated electric bucket once it starts getting

susan g
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Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 5:35 PM
Subject: RC: Non Electric Insulated water buckets

> Hi
> If anyone uses these and has good luck with them, would you please write
> and tell me about your luck and where you got them..
> thanks
> Jerri
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