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Fw: Re: you go girls!

>I really wish you all could  read! I did not condone the sale of JT! I told
>her I would not do it. I have 5 horse. Two were given to me because they
>were going to the sale barn if I didn't take them. The other three were
>either bought there or were going the next day or so if hadn't of bought
>them. This hold thread started because I posted that I had gone to the sale
>with a friend and on the way out turned to see a little dark mare, I out
>the killers and now have a lovely little mare for my 8 year old to replace
>my 30 year old who just passed away! That I felt blessed to have been there
>for what I saw as very sad. That being there for my friend to sell JT, had
>saved the little mare my daughter named Mia Faira for the killers. That
>maybe it was fate that had me there that night.
>All  my horses were not what most people on RC would of even considered as
>horse to buy.   Thin, wormy unbroken raggedy Arabs. Now  all are lovely
>healthily horses, all I love as much as my children, none of whom will ever
>be sold to the killers. My husband says I take better care of them then I
>my self. They get their needs before me.
>Do you or any one else on this list think that people would give me their
>horse if they even for one second think I'd sell them to the killers?
>Really, I  wish you would the spend your time caring for your own horses,
>being there for your own friends ,not yelling at me for what a friend did.
>Yes I was there for her. Just like she has been for me for 30 years. Should
>I turn my back on a another person because of  horse? Someone who has been
>there for me for 30 years, someone who held my hand on for 3 years while my
>child went throw depression and I never knew what the next phone call would
>be, on my wedding day on her wedding day on the day her husband died.
>People count more then horses sorry. As much as the killers sicken me I
>as a adult that the are a fact of life. All ways will be. I think it better
>that the old and sick go then the young , that she is going back next month
>to buy a colt or filly, one that may go to the killers if she not there.
>That  another horse will have chance at  a good life. JT was going to die
>one way or the  other. It was my friends choice to sell him not mine, if he
>were mine he would of joined the other 2 horses that died here in  the
>grove behind my house.
>Tami Keller

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