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Re: RC: Re: you go girls!


Sorry, but as they say, Ignorance is no excuse.  If you are willing to sell
your horse, or any other living creature, you darn well need to know what
is likely to happen to it.  I just don't buy it that she had no idea.  What
do you think happens to an old horse in bad heath.....

I agree with you, but sometimes we close our eyes to the truth. Anger does not open them. You have got to understand what it is like around here. There are a lot of good and educated people who understand what happens to a horse going to the slaughter house. But there are way too many that do not think about it, and since everyone else is doing it and are comfortable with it, it must be ok. My point is, that we can't educate these people by shouting at them. Do you ever listen to anyone who is shouting or being nasty towards you? If we want people to learn you have to teach. And as far as I know teaching is done in a calm and caring manner. We will save more horse from going through the sales ring is we are educating, not yelling.

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