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Fwd: RC: AERC Trade Policy

This did not go through to at least one of the addresses below;   My 
apologies for repeating it if unnecessarily.

>From: "Janet Benke" <>
>Subject: RC:  AERC Trade Policy
>Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 09:43:09 -0800
>Randy Eiland:  Thanks very much for your letter at ridecamp.  AERC has
>established its policy based on sound financial advise and considerations.
>Policies, guidelines, by-laws are structural elements to AERC and other
>regional group which, ultimately, define the future effectiveness of the
>As to the columnists in Endurance News, I, for one, read our Board member
>columns first, because it is AERC, the organization, and this sport,
>endurance, about which I am interested. There is only one magazine which
>discusses the sport and its related activities, such as trail advocacy,
>international competition, limited distance issues:  Endurance News.  I 
>the magazine because it is the expression of AERC.
>When AERC is solvent, or in a position to solicit and remunerate articles.
>perhaps the column in question may return.  Perhaps the policy is
>short-sighted:  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, consider the rationale by the
>Board.  I'd much rather have consistent policy evenly applied.  Include 
>with the ability to evaluate the policy using specific criteria, and then,
>when necessary, make appropriate changes.
>Horsemanship techniques are varied; experts are many; and there are many
>venues from which to gain insights into such (the person in question also
>writes for other equine publications).  This may be the opportunity for the
>writer in question to establish a method of receiving payment for her
>articles through the website; it is a viable means of publication and
>Yours respectfully,  Janet Benke (mostly limited distance, but with an eye
>on the long distance future - he's only two)
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