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Re: RC: AERC Trade Policy

Randy Eiland:  Thanks very much for your letter at ridecamp.  AERC has 
established its policy based on sound financial advise and considerations.  
Policies, guidelines, by-laws are structural elements to AERC and other 
regional group which, ultimately, define the future effectiveness of the 

As to the columnists in Endurance News, I, for one, read our Board member 
columns first, because it is AERC, the organization, and this sport, 
endurance, about which I am interested. There is only one magazine which 
discusses the sport and its related activities, such as trail advocacy, 
international competition, limited distance issues:  Endurance News.  I read 
the magazine because it is the expression of AERC.

When AERC is solvent, or in a position to solicit and remunerate articles. 
perhaps the column in question may return.  Perhaps the policy is 
short-sighted:  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, consider the rationale by the 
Board.  I'd much rather have consistent policy evenly applied.  Include that 
with the ability to evaluate the policy using specific criteria, and then, 
when necessary, make appropriate changes.

Horsemanship techniques are varied; experts are many; and there are many 
venues from which to gain insights into such (the person in question also 
writes for other equine publications).  This may be the opportunity for the 
writer in question to establish a method of receiving payment for her 
articles through the website; it is a viable means of publication and 

Yours respectfully,  Janet Benke (mostly limited distance, but with an eye 
on the long distance future - he's only two)
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