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Re: saddle measurements

In a Stuebben saddle, the tree is measured at a certain point on the gullet
before it is built into a saddle.  There is nothing you can measure after
the saddle is built.  That is why the tree width is stamped on the off-side
buckle guard of a Stuebben.  It also doesn't mean a 32cm which is a wide
tree in the Stuebben is a wide tree in another brand.  The trees are not
measured in the same place in all brands and they don't sit on the horse in
the same way. a Stuebben...a 30cm is a narrow tree...for a Thoroughbred
type horse.  31cm is medium...32cm is wide...Warm-blood, Quarterhorse,
wide-type Arabs (my arab takes a medium...31cm tree.  He is 14.3, with
withers and a working horse build).

Ranetta Burke
Stuebben Rep
Pacific NW
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> Hi gang
> Can Abby or someone educated in the esoterics of english saddles please
> enlighten me about the measurements for width?   The advertisers note
> something like "32 cm".     What the heck are they measuring?   Is it
> something inside, or a part of the saddle I can check?   What are the
> for most horses?
> thanks,
> pat farmer
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