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Re: saddle measurements

They are talking about the with between the bars of the tree. A rough place
would be between the rivets on the side of the saddle. There is not range
"for most horses". Each horse is an individual and the width needed varies.
Its only in the states that we think we can have one or two tree widths fit
all horses so we can order out of a catalog.

Frank Baines, Albion, County and Sharon Saare to name a few saddle makers
actually have as many as 10 tree widths that they deal with.

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> Hi gang
> Can Abby or someone educated in the esoterics of english saddles please
> enlighten me about the measurements for width?   The advertisers note
> something like "32 cm".     What the heck are they measuring?   Is it
> something inside, or a part of the saddle I can check?   What are the
> for most horses?
> thanks,
> pat farmer
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