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Re: Supracor Saddle pad.

Cool Grip is the non-slip pad in the Supracor line.  Supracor makes several pads, some of which have covers of other materials, ie...wool, Cordura, Ultrasuede.  Your pad slips because it is in a cover made with a wool-material bottom...I am guessing you have the endurance pad in a cover or the barrel pad.  The Cool Grip material by itself will not slip if the saddle is a decent fit on the horse and the pad is maintained as suggested by the manufacturer.
Ranetta Burke
Supracor Rep
Pacifice NW
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From: Barbara B. Peck
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Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 3:05 PM
Subject: RC: Supracor Saddle pad.

My Supracor has a felt bottom and is slippery.
I solved the problem using a No-Sweat Vent Pad from Dixiemidnight.
It's not advertised as a "no-slip" pad, but it also works as one.  I don't need
to keep my girth so tight on one of my "witherless" horses.. no sadlle slipping is
an added benefit of this underpad.

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