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Re: More electric fence questions

I know the feeling about the trees, the whole back of our pasture is trees
and we use to use  LOTS of insulators on trees to hold our electric fence,
and we where replacing them every year or two. My husband growing tired of
this SPRING AND FALL FIXING OF FENCE and discover a better way to get
several years out of the plastic black ROUND insulators by using longer
nails and leaving a 1 to 2 inch gap between the tree and the insulator as
the tree grows it closes the gap we have gotten three to four years before
they touched the insulator, when you see the insulators starting to push off
the nail just replace the nail with a new one and regap. There was one tree
we got five years before the tree even touched the insulator, guess it
depends on the tree.
Here is another one we have used.  We bought  WOOD POST INSULATORS ( company
DARE products, battle creek MI )these are Yellow square insulators the have
a hook facing up and one facing down that the wire goes in between. The
thing about these is the nail is put in at an angle and I think that is why
they stay on so long.   We have used the 21/2 inch and the 5 inch one that
extend the fence 2 1/2 or 5 inches away from the tree. These are still going
strong after 7 years.  Now that may be worth a try.

Donna Lindeman
Breaux Internet Services
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> Does anybody have good experience with insulators and trees. What kind do
> you use. We would like to follow a stone wall that has trees growing up
> through. But, if you nail the plastic insulators to the trees in no time
> all the trees grow and break the insulators. I'm tired of replacing them.
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