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supracor saddle pad questions

I have a Supracor cool grip saddle pad and I like it a lot - really keeps my
horse's back cool and dry.  But I am having a couple issues that I wonder
how other people are dealing or if they have the issues.

First, I've heard most people comment that there is NO slippage, but I have
heard a couple comments that it may not be the case with everyone.  I am
definitely having slippage issues.  The horse is a narrow Arab with decent
withers and the saddle is a Stonewally (and that may be the issue, they are
a different sort of saddle!)  I have slippage issues when mounting and also
while riding - the pad slips back.  If I didn't have the girth going through
the elastic straps, I think it would slip right off.  The pad isn't quite
thick enough for this horse/saddle combination so yesterday I put the
woolback between the Supracor and saddle and there was some improvement, but
I still kept a close eye on things.  Again, I think it's quite possible that
this is the saddle and will try things out with different saddles/horses.
And I also admit that I don't girth very tightly either - but I would like
to keep it that way.  So if I have to, I'll just use the supracor with
another horse/saddle, but I've been so impressed with how cool and dry the
horse has been and just hoping there is something else I can try.  Maybe run
straps from the eyelets in the pad to the breast plate?

Second thing, how do you use a heart rate monitor with one of these?
There's nothing for the velcro to stick to - should I sew in a bit of fleece
to stick it too?  Also, I've never used a gel, rather just waited for the
horse to sweat up a bit to get a signal.  My horse will never sweat up
enough under this pad!

I appreciate any suggestions!


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