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head carriage and split reins

whups forgot to add this tidbit on the post. I was thinking of adding some 
sewn in velcro into my split reins to keep them together. If an emergency 
comes up them the split reins would be able to come apart if needed. Any 
takes on this one? Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep reins together 
without endangering the horse?

Head carriage.. I was making a comment on my mares. I have just noticed that 
they carry their heads very high at the canter and higher at a gallop. I 
have noted this in a natural state as well. So.. the big question here is 
would it not hender the animal to put martingales on or tie downs if this is 
the natural way of going? it seems to me that it would interfere with 
Carla (digging out the old horse encyclopidia again!)
Ansata (I wonder if john gray wrote one for horses to understand)
Haley (ask mom if they have a human encyclopedia??)
Rob (Honey why are the horses looking at us all funny?)
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