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please delete if you don't want to hear about my troubles.  
As you know, I am almost 17.  I am leasing a very nice mare from my friend.  
He might sell her to me in March, if he decides he wants to sell her at all.  
I clean a ladies house(she is a friend too) on sundays.  I did clean another 
house but hated the people, so I quit that job (they are friends too, just 
not the people I want to work for) I don't have my lisence yet, so all of you 
are still safe out their on the road.  
right now, I make enough money to lease a horse,  not own one.  I could look 
for a job, but how do I get there??? I could look for another house cleaning 
job on the weekend, my mom could take me. It is just that during the week, my 
mom works and can't take me to a job.  SO,  should I get another house 
cleaning job? Should I just hold off on getting a horse until I get a "real" 
job (meaning not a house cleaning job)? If I cleaned 2 houses, I would make 
enough to own a horse.  I already have enough money to buy this horse( or any 
other 1500 horse).  I don't really want to hold off on getting this horse 
because when I decide to buy her, my friend might decide that he doesn't want 
to keep her.  Should I wait until I get my lisense to do anything??? 
I wouldn't dream of buying a horse without having enough money to support 
him/her.  So I know that I have to do something if I want to be prepared to 
buy this horse if my friend decides to sell her.  
I really want to get a horse so that i can ride in rides this year, and I 
have to admit, I love how responsible it makes me feel, knowing that this 
horse is depending on me.  

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