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"cinchy" horses

Hi All -
    Reading the posts about tenderness in the girth area reminded me of my friend's horse that is described as "cinchy."  He has the devil of a time tightening the cinch although it seems to be the early part of the process she objects to the most.  Her saddle is a brand-new Sharon Saare, fitted & made just for her and she and her owner and working with an excellent, kind and patient trainer.  The horse also, both owner and trainer agree, feels like she wants to buck just when she starts to canter.  The trainer says cinchy horses often do that because the act of cantering pulls the cinch & saddle tighter than trotting does.
    I think I have read or heard any explanation for cinchiness, like maybe a nerve closer to the skin than usual.  Does that ring a bell?  Or does anyone have an explanation for it that isn't rider related?

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