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Re: VC's P/R's

To each his own,

I can expertly draw blood, but I can't feel pulse,  and yes I have Tried.

I hate heart moniters (extra equipment in general)  And I do have reason.

I try not to be sad, if I have to wait for another check, but I am seldom
wrong the first time  (know your horse, and for me only, ride a calm one).

I like very much the sociability of Vet Checks, especially when people are
not up tight.

That is a major reason why I ride at the back and why I pulled at 65 at
Tevis,  I was still having fun with the FUN CROWD.

Joan Ruprecht  "the nut of her own making."  and stillat 11,000+ mile with 4
close and personal MARE's with 1,000 to 6000 miles.
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Subject: RC: VC's P/R's

>After the feedback I have gotten in response to my pet peeve in vet
>checks (other than loose dogs), I want to reiterate that my main thought
>Endurance riders should be able to demonstrate that they can and did
>take their horse's pulse. You can't believe the  number of people that
>do this sport that can't or won't take their horse's pulse. Maybe there
>is a good reason for the EasyCare Heart Monitor.....
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