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Abu Dhabi

Me again ridecampers,

Not a lot of news today (19 Jan) ! I met Christinne Janzen who send you a lot of
hello's ; there is really a good atmosphere here with everybody socialising with
everybody and a lot of fun with switching from/to different languages.

We are not allowed to go to the others quarantine area's so I can't see the
american horses_ sorry_ I will try to post an email after the vet inspection.

The day before yesterday we got a little sand storm and this was quite funny to
ride in the desert in such harsh conditions; not to say that everybody came back
after half an hour!

Yesterday we got a warm and humid day with lot's of horses panting because of

Today, weather is fine : sunny with a good breeze.

Abu Dhabi is really a nice city : green as you can't imagine (incredible the
number of trees of every species that were planted!!! And the flowers!)

That's it!


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