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Re: RC: Re: Passing up in VCs

Management can do many things in timing how the different distances are
> sent out, but getting a few extra vets for half a day to handle the peak
> loads, etc. to minimize the time any rider has to stand in line.

I'm going to hope you are not a ride manager when you say something like 
that.  Then I will chalk it up to lack of personal experience.  If you ARE a 
RM, then perhaps you have a better source of handy vets who will come in for 
half a day than the west region has.  (Old Dominion "stole" one of our best 
Californina vets this last year!)  I agree with Barbara Sanches, that none of 
us would deliberately not have enough vets to handle a ride efficiently and 
safely.  But truthfully, it's becoming harder and harder to find qualified 
vets.  They're either already booked for some other activity or suffering 


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