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Re: RC: not really endurance

In the book Mares, Foals and Foaling by Friedrich Andrist there is a
table with the following information on page 14 titled Chapter 3 weight
and dimensions of unborn foal.
Month      length poll        weight  develop-
               to root of dock               ment

1             1 1/2 in.   minute  all internal organs present

2             3-3 3/4 in. minute Limbs distinct Sex recognizable.  1 oz.
fluid inside membranes.

3              5 in.        4 1/2-6 oz. The villi or tufts of the outer
membrane are forming and so are the hoofs.  Ends of cannon bones

4              8-9 in.      2 lbs.  Some fluids present in feotal
stomach.  First traces of hair round lips.  Union between maternal and
foetal systems complete. 

5              8-9 in.       4 lb. 4 oz. Traces of hair above eyes and
on tip of tail.  External sexual organs formed.

6               22 in.        12 lb. 12 oz. Hair much more apparent.

7               23-25 in.    29 3/4-34 lb.  Mane growing.

8               27-29 in.     36-42 lb.  Hair all along spine.

9               30-33 in.      51-57 lb.  Short hairs all over body.
Might just survive if born now.

10             34-37 in.       64-74 lb.  Coat and long hairs fully

11             43 in. plus     85-107  Milk molars through gums.
Sometimes nippers also.

This is an excellent little book on pregnancy and foaling.  It is a
British book published by J.A. Allen & Co.  (my edition is 1973)

Anne H.  Central Oregon

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