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Re: travelling with Horses


The cc to Ridecamp has yeilded a few responses so far, but it looks like they
may not have directed a copy to you in every case.  So here they are...


From: "B.E. Jackson" <>

Um, um... Can I get in a plug here? If you're going as far south as 
Wickenburg, you might want to spend a few nights with us at The Oasis Ranch. 
Great trails! Ususally great weather! Great accommodations! (plus the horses 
stay just outside your front door) Check it out...

Bonie in central AZ


From: Dru <>

This is for Peggy J. York,
There are two places to say overnight . One is at the Fairgrounds just outside
Flagstaff (two miles from town on 17), where you can rent a stall for about 8.00
a night. And just outside Needles on the Colorado River there is a campground
right on the river that allows horsecamping for a fee, no facilities though,
just places to camp with water piped right there, a very pleasant place to camp
if you can tie out for the night. 



Don't know if it is still an option, but year before last when traveling to 
Arizona, we stopped in Needles, looking to put our horses up at the 
fairgrounds.   Turned out the fairgrounds were locked & deserted.   We went 
round to the police dep't and they couldn't have been nicer.   Sent an 
officer to unlock the gate, helped us get set up, and let us camp there (just 
on a little grassy strip near the horses).    They were really super.   Might 
be worth a try!

Pat Farmer


From: Lynn Kinsky <>
If you are willing to come into AZ south of I40 (like via I10) there is the
Horspitality RV Park and Boarding stables in Wickenburg on US 60
(520-684-2519).  We stayed there sans horses a couple months ago, but
looked over the horse facilities and they look quite nice.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)


If any more show up, I'll pass them along.


    Natalie's Barn & Breakfast    1-877-NATBARN

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