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Re: RC: charges for e-mail

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Bill thomas and you, too, Sweaney-- is
it Karen? (I lost my address book when my computer crashed). Great
information and good news!
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of TLA Halynov
I've learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it
gets to the end, the faster it goes. Smell the roses!

> Sweaney wrote:
> As reccomended by someone on ridecamp, I wrote my member of congress -
> Bill Thomas: First Congressioanl District of California.  Here is his
> reply regarding e-mail and internet charges.
> Bill Thomas writes:
> Recalling your opposition to taxes levied on e-mail, I think you may
> be interested to know about some of the measures passed by the House
> of
> Representatives on this and other issues relating to high technology.
> * House Concurrent Resolution 190-This resolution urges the United
> States to pursue a global moratorium on taxes on "e-commerce."
> Millions of
> Americans use the Internet for shopping and for other services and the
> Republican Congress is committed to stopping any attempts by the
> Clinton
> Administration or foreign nations to use this revolutionary medium for
> a
> cash grab.
> * Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (or
> "E-Sign Act")-This bill establishes a nationwide standard for
> electronic
> signatures, so that electronic signatures carry the same force of law
> as
> paper signatures.
> * The Internet Tax Freedom Act-This bill establishes a three year ban
> on state and local taxes on the Internet, and protects against the
> imposition of new tax liability for consumers and vendors involved in
> commercial transactions over the Internet
> * The Security and Freedom through Encryption Act (or "SAFE" Act)-This
> bill would permit the export of strong, American-made encryption
> software
> that is already available from foreign nations, and would prohibit the
> federal government from mandating that citizens only use products that
> the
> government can access without consent.
> In the coming months, the House will debate additional measures
> related to
> promotion of the Internet and to enacting stricter protections of our
> online
> privacy.  As the House proceeds, I will keep you advised of additional
> action.
> Best Regards,
> <<...OLE_Obj...>>
> Member of Congress
> WMT/tpw


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