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Re: RC: Re:Passing up in VCs/New product

In a message dated 1/26/00 7:09:06 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Ooohhh, Teddy and all others who make endurance equipment, I picture some 
 sort of a backpack deal, part haybag. part tray for feed/beet pulp/ 
  Rider or Crew member could wear it while waiting in the VC line!!  You'll 
 have to carry your water in a seperate bucket though, as most riders don't 
 want water splashed all down their back.  And Angie I've seen the way Kaboot 
 rubs all over your back, you may have to hit the trail with some beet pulp 
 running down your neck! <VBG>

Jackie - just make sure you make those back pack straps reallllllly sturdy 
because Harca will be swinging me around from his teeth like a tether ball if 
I wear food on my back!!!!

Sylvia (we could even take out a vet or two when he gets really exuberant)

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