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Re: Re: FLAIR Strips

There was a commentary on them during the breeders cup races for TB's.  Some
trainers were using them on the race horses with decent success, but i cant
remember all that was said about them.

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> The flair strips are just like what the football players use on their
> to keep their nostrils open.  The people ones are called "Breath Right"
> nasal strips.  My husband uses them for his snoring.  The Flair strips are
> so new that the endurance world probably doesnt know about them  YET :-)
> was wondering when someone might inquire about trying them.  I dont see
> anything wrong with using them, so far.  They arent any different than
> splint boots, bridles or a crupper or carbo charge for that matter.
> food for thought.        gesa n clovis(you'd probably put it on wrong and
> wouldnt be able to breath!)

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