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Re: RC: Re: A Stallion Named Irene

In a message dated 01/25/2000 4:23:28 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Oh, wow, tell me more about Lawlifa----I'll bet she had Lawseyn in her
 lines - yes??   My now deceased senior stallion, Lawmoss (100% Kellogg) was
 a Lawseyn son---I like to hear about "family" whenever I can.

Ask Julie Suhr (marinera about Lawlifa.  She owned the mare for 
some years.  I believe the old mare is gone now, but yes, I think she was by 
Lawseyn out of the Hyannis foundation mare Razifa.  She was the dam of 
Julie's fabulous horse HCC Gazal (by Hal Gazal), who won 3 Haggins Cups on 
We had a nice Hyannis gelding who was out of a mare sired by Lawseyn.  We are 
not greatly competitve riders so the gelding has no earth-shattering record, 
but he is a nice horse.  He is now a pleasure horse belonging to a friend of 
ours and is 23 years old.


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