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SETC/Clemson Trails Symposium Update

As the unofficial Ridecamp publicist for the SETC conference I just wanted
to remind all of you that it is coming up this May.  Registrations are
already starting to come in.
We invite everyone to join us for this trails conference whether you are
from one of the host states or not.  We would also like to have some vendors
there with trail gear and such.  The fee for a space is $300.  We are also
soliciting sponsors and contributors and other types of exhibitors.
This unique conference will also offer you the opporunity to bring your
horse and trail ride.  The Garrison Arena is located about 5 minutes from
the conference site and will offer stalls and a limited number of camper
hookups.  The facility has 42 miles of trail adjacent to it, and a quick
trailer trailer ride to the other side of campus gives you access to another
60 miles.  The facility is just a short distance South of the Biltmore and
will immediately follow the ride that is held there.
Perhaps some of you that went in 1998 would care to comment on your
experience (Teddy?).  We really want to see just as good of an attendance
this time.  Read below for more details.  Be sure to check out the website
which contains all of the details.  (It continues to change almost daily as
we fine tune the agenda items.)  Do be careful that you are  reading
information related to the 2000 conference as it is easy to blunder into the
1998 data.

Let me hear from you if you are planning on coming.

Sally Aungier
Va Rep for the SETC Planning Committee

<SNIP From Press release>

Clemson University and the South Carolina Horsemenís Council are jointly
sponsoring the Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference (SETC) May 7-10,
2000 at Clemson University. This is a regional conference and involves the
states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee, and Virginia.

The purpose of SETC is to bring together people who are concerned about the
future of the natural and cultural heritage of the trail experience from the
back of a horse. SETC will strive for equestrian self-evaluation, learning
and the development of a conservation force that will influence land-use
policies at local, state, regional and national levels. It will offer a
forum for meaningful communication between natural resource management
agencies and trail equestrians. In this forum, everyone will learn from
everyone else. The ultimate goal is to have opinions that are based on the
best available information become the platform for trail policy development.

For the most up to date information on SETC, please check the website at

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