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Re: RC: passing up in VCs

> AT VET CHECKS.  I do not believe that 50's deserve more consideration
> than 25's nor do I think that 100's deserve to go in front of 50's who
> have been waiting their turn, either.  If some 100-milers get extra
> consideration then they have been given an unfair advantage over other
> 100 milers - and the 50's and 25's that they pushed aside are at an
> advantage to others in their ride that did not get that bad treatment.
> That was the point of my post.  And yes, ride management should have 
> enough vets to handle the crowd at its worst.  

Hmmmm, this is what I think:

1 - RM should have enough vets, no doubt about it.

2 - As a general rule, if there are not enough vets, I think that 25s
should gracefully offer to let 50s ahead of them, and 50s should
gracefully offer to let 100s ahead of them.  I consider that good manners,
consideration of those who have a longer row to hoe that day than Lakota
and I do.  

Extenuating circumstances could change that, however (if my
horse were in trouble, if I were in danger of missing cutoff and not
completing in time, if all 13 100-milers were standing behind me I might
not want to let all 13 of them pass me <BG>).

3 - I do not think that 100s and 50s should push ahead of those riding the
lesser distance, because that's bad manners.

We all have to get along with limited resources, eh?  Good manners and
consideration of others makes it much easier.

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL
AERC # M18819 & H27310
SE Region

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