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Fw: Does your horse own you?

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From: Natalie Wooldridge <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2000 11:40 AM
Subject: CTR: Does your horse own you?

> Does Your Horse Own You? See how many yes answers apply to you.
> Do you select your friends based on how well your horses like them?
> Does your desire to collect horses intensify during times of stress?
> Do you buy more than 500 lbs of feed per month?
> Do you admit to non-horse owners how many horses you really have? And does
> it come with an explanation?
> Do you kiss your horse on the muzzle?
> Do you share your food with your horse?
> Do you have more than two opened bags of unused feed, because your horse
> 'doesn't like it'??
> Would you rather spend the day riding than spending time with your
> husband/boyfriend?
> Do you give your horses presents and a stocking at Christmas?
> Do you spend more than 1/3 of your paycheck at the tack/feed shop?
> Do you find the odor of horse enjoyable??
> Do you come in to work with hay on your clothing?
> If you scored 1-4 Yes answers, you still own your horse, he doesn't own
> (yet). 5-7 yes's means you are slipping toward's horse ownership of you. 8
> or more yes'es: there is simply no hope. You are completely owned by your
> horse obsession. We suggest moving into the barn. It would be a lot easier
> on the non-horse obsessed in your household.

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