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Re: Fire Ant Fondue and other southern delites

    Now, that's my kinda cookin'!!    We might stir in Barbara's slugs.
If you wanna kill the slugs---stir them in the fire ants without lighting
the fire.   That is for really vindictive folks.
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Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 10:00 AM
Subject: RC: Fire Ant Fondue and other southern delites

> Fire Ant Fondue
> 1 Cup of FireAnts
> 1tsp corn oil
> 2 Gallons of Wiskey
> 2 squares of german sweet chocolate
> In a Skillet bring oil to desired temperture. Pour 1 cup of wiskey into a
> small glass or cup. Sample wiskey to make sure it is of proper age. Add
> ants to oil. Sample wiskey again it could have gotten fermented whilst you
> poured them fire ants into the scrillit.
> While you are letting them fireants burn...
> in a fondue pot let the schoklate melt. add a scootch of wiskey.
> dang glass you must not have poured enough wiskey out.
> watch them little creatons burn will yah!! yeah your gonna enjoy eating
> buggers. fry darn yah!! take some bamboo skewers and stir fireants around.
> Try wiskey it must be at room temperature. After fire ants have darkened
> the skillet. take off heat. sit down with the rest of the wiskey and the
> meltered fondue pot and have a nice feast of melted shocklate and
> To Hell whit them damn Far ants. you done figured out how to kill them and
> enjoy it.
> the difference between a southern zoo and a northern zoo. At a northern
> the animal will be in a cage with a card that has the picture of the
> with the name and then the scientific name of the animal also the location
> where the animal can be seen in the wild
> at the southern zoo the animal will be in a cage that has the picture of
> animal on a card with the name and the scientific name of the animal along
> with some delicous recipes
> Carla (still couch bound)
> Ansata (MOM hurry up and get better I wanna go rideeeee!)
> Haley (hey mom I get to come home next week!)
> Rob (got the grocery list..what is a fondue pot?)
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