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Fire Ant Fondue and other southern delites

Fire Ant Fondue
1 Cup of FireAnts
1tsp corn oil
2 Gallons of Wiskey

2 squares of german sweet chocolate
In a Skillet bring oil to desired temperture. Pour 1 cup of wiskey into a 
small glass or cup. Sample wiskey to make sure it is of proper age. Add fire 
ants to oil. Sample wiskey again it could have gotten fermented whilst you 
poured them fire ants into the scrillit.
While you are letting them fireants burn...
in a fondue pot let the schoklate melt. add a scootch of wiskey.
dang glass you must not have poured enough wiskey out.
watch them little creatons burn will yah!! yeah your gonna enjoy eating them 
buggers. fry darn yah!! take some bamboo skewers and stir fireants around. 
Try wiskey it must be at room temperature. After fire ants have darkened in 
the skillet. take off heat. sit down with the rest of the wiskey and the 
meltered fondue pot and have a nice feast of melted shocklate and wishtkey. 
To Hell whit them damn Far ants. you done figured out how to kill them and 
enjoy it.

the difference between a southern zoo and a northern zoo. At a northern zoo 
the animal will be in a cage with a card that has the picture of the animal 
with the name and then the scientific name of the animal also the location 
where the animal can be seen in the wild
at the southern zoo the animal will be in a cage that has the picture of the 
animal on a card with the name and the scientific name of the animal along 
with some delicous recipes

Carla (still couch bound)
Ansata (MOM hurry up and get better I wanna go rideeeee!)
Haley (hey mom I get to come home next week!)
Rob (got the grocery list..what is a fondue pot?)

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