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water-tight trailers

From: BE <>
To: Suzanne Mounts <>
Date: Monday, January 24, 2000 6:51 PM
Subject: Re: water-tight trailers

>Check them every year.  If the sealing material looks dried, cracked or is
>oozing out, you should carefully scrape out ALL of it in the affected area,
>blow out the loose stuff, then wipe the surface with acetone before
>replacing it with clear silicone.  You can get the clear silicone at RV
>places, hardware stores, etc.  It comes in a round tube like tub caulking
>compound and you use the same "gun" to squeeze it out.  Be sure you use
>silicone--not some latex or other blend that says it has silicone in it.
>It's not difficult--just time consuming.  Check around welds and rivets as
>well as the windows and doors.
>I have a Sooner 3 horse alum. with living quarters and so I'm REAL careful
>about making sure it doesn't start leaking.
>Good luck--

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