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Re: RC: SERA convention notes - long

thank you, Tina.  I have some comments below.

At 08:28 PM 01/24/2000 -0600, Tina Hicks wrote:
>1. No high carbo loading on the trail as that shifts the K levels and 
>starts a whole set of processes that put the cells in jeopardy.
>2. No high, infrequent doses of E.
>3. Don't use human supplements for horses or vice versa.

How do they know this?  Have they field tested endurance horses to prove 
this theory?  How many horses completing multidays have been tested?  Boy, 
somebody better not tell the horses finishing first and second Overall in 
at least two different regions that they shouldn't be using Carbo Charge.

I better not tell Rocky that the Carbo Charge isn't helping him 
either.  (Not that I would KNOW since I had him tested at Silver State 
(without CC) and at Death Valley(with CC), and where he won the rider 
overall and got overall B/C).

I would like to know how the experts propose we keep our horses blood 
glucose levels at a steady rate on a multiday ride?  The horse can only eat 
so much at a vet check, and we can only carry so much feed with us.

Rocky's 4th day Death Valley glucose readings were:  Pre-ride:  84.  During 
ride, lunch check:  81.  Crossing the finish line:  80.

By all means, don't use the carbo charge.  It might improve your horses 
performance, and we definitely don't want that to happen.

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 2,410 miles
& Weaver, 3,205 miles

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