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Re: water-tight trailers

Hi Diane:  I use a very effective and cheap sealant on my aluminum canoe.
It is gutter chaulking.  Comes in a foot-long tube. Don't tell anyone.  I
wouldn't want the secret to get out and drive the cost of gutter chaulking
through the roof "so to speak."  I put a little around each rivet that seems
to be leaking, and smear it in like grease.  It seals the aluminum and then
forms a paintable crusty layer outside.  It stays fairly flexible so it can
be scraped off with a putty knife if you wanted to re-do it sometime.  It
lasts a few years on the canoe, which is constantly being drug over rocks
and sand, so it would probably last forever on the trailer roof.
  Sherman, in the north Florida backwoods community of Gainesville

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