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Firemountain 50 Ride Story

My mare, Montoya DSA, and I just got back from the Firemountain 50.  For those who don't like ride stories - please delete.
This ride was particularly important for me this year because I had to pull the last time that I did it.  I completed it in 1997 with my first endurance horse.  I took her back to Firemountain in 1998 fully expecting to complete the ride.  At vet check 1 however, I pulled her due to lameness.  After one more pull later in the year, I realized that she didn't particularly care for endurance riding and that she would be happier as a trail horse.  She did do 510  AERC miles though before I sold her to a friend. 
I bought a new mare in December of 1998.  I missed Firemountain in 1999 because my new mare was not ready to do the ride.  In fact she was 9 and 1/2 and still only green broke!  After riding her for a full year and doing 1 LD and 325 miles of 50's (one was a 75), I was ready to come back to Firemountain!
I had those "jinxed" feelings at the start and had to work hard to get them out of my head - we all know that those won't do a bit of good!  Once I got started, I realized that my mare and I were going to have a great day.  She traveled so effortlessly and lightly throughout the day that I knew we were going to finish.  We started at 6:30 a.m. and sailed across the finish line at 2:50. 
I was so proud of her and thrilled to know that I have found a horse that loves doing endurance.  I'll be heading to 20 Mule Team in February with a very confident attitude - no jinxed feelings left!
Karen & Montoya DSA

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