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Re: Re: water-tight trailers

Several years ago I purchased a 14 ft gooseneck modified stock trailer.
Well, modified is what they call it in Florida anyway, where the side panels
go 3/4's of the way up before you have a slatted opening.  The entire roof
had holes and major leaks whenever it rained.  My husband removed all the
rusted out panels, had the trailer sandblasted and primed and then put
panels of aluminum back up for the roof.

That was five years ago and while my wonderful hand-done paint job is all
but flaking off, the interior is still dry as can be for me to keep all of
my assorted gear in the neck area.  Doing a majority of the work himself, we
were able to make this a very frugal upgrade.  Just lots of new drill bits,
sore hands and a wife that groveled in gratitude for at least a week or two.
Now if I could just convince myself not to attempt to repaint it myself, it
might even look decent. :-)

Sue Fritsche
in Middle Tennessee

From: Suzanne Mounts <>
SNIP Do all aluminum trailers have roofs that are made without seams? do all
steel trailers have seams?  Do trailer roofs that have seams inevitably come
to leak?  Help, help.......

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