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geldings getting along

I can't help you with laddie but as far as you...carry a whip and any time he 
turns his rump to you give him a good smack with it...I had a colt like that 
years ago...He would run past me and kick as he went by as well as turn his 
rump to me...I carried the longest whip I could find and as he ran by I would 
smack him and any time he turned his rump to me I would smack him too... now 
this can be a chore to catch him cause when you go to catch him if he turns 
his rump to you, you have to smack him...he is naturally going to run 
off...then you have to go catch him again and this can happen two or three 
times untill he gets it...Don't turn your rump to me!!!!!
   But once he gets it...thats usually'll never have to deal with 
that again.
As far as poor ol Laddie maybe a fence?

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