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Singing Praise

It's time I jumped on the singing-praise wagon---for both Belesemo and
Bowlings.    I have Tambourina (Javelin x Tamasina)(dam of Benjih) bred by
the Bowlings and a son of hers, sired by Lawmoss (Lawseyn x Lawsouma) my
now-deceased 100% Kellogg stallion.   This colt looks like  he has all the
makings of an endurance horse--guess he should!
    And, when Kim Johnson found out I was looking for a 100% Kellogg mare to
breed to my old stallion, she very graciously offered a lease on her mare,
Antyfa (bred by the Bowlings).   As a result, Antyfa  has  produced two 100%
Kellogg colts and a third colt (80% Kellogg) by a stallion who is grandson
of Lawmoss.     Too bad Kim thinks it is time for her mare to come home (g).
    Also - too bad both of these mares have "a thing" for producing
colts---kind of hard to get a 100% Kellogg program going with ONE mare and
her son.
    Note:  I am looking for a 100% Kellogg broodmare - does anyone know of
one other than the pure Davenports?

Claudia - Provin's Promises
CMK Arabians (specializing in Kellogg)

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