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Singing Praise

In a message dated 01/23/2000 10:20:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  Anyway, Michael and Ann Bowling's
 foundation mare, Naliza, is a beautiful horse that produces some very nice
 babies...and, as Ann said, Billy's breeding was on purpose and with a lot
 of thought! >>

Well as long as we are singing the praises of Michael and Ann.... We too have 
a mare bred by them who will be making her endurance debut this coming fall. 
A daughter of their wonderful stallion Najih and out of the dam, Razya, of 
their other wonderful stallion Zadaran. We have had this mare, Jezireh, for 
many yrs, and not only does she have a wonderful disposition, she has given 
me a colt who I see being MY future endurance horse. My husband has been 
riding her and she shows all the potential of being a top endurance horse.  
The Bowlings have done a superb job of breeding athletic, working Arabians....

Maria Wallis
CMK Arabian Horses
My Golden Farm, Kaufman, TX 
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