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RE: Re: hay feeders

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Barbara's idea of the horse feeding box is good, and I have one, BUT they
are not always good as feeders in a pasture situation.
[Karen Sullivan]  
When we moved to Lake County I discovered big wooden pear bins were often used as feeders.  Too big to tip over, and held a fair amound of hay. 
Disadvantages were they tended to get chewed on, and Beauty the pony discovered that tempting hay bits fell through the bottom, and if she kicked long enough at these; she could shift them around and get at the hay underneath.  They also fell apart over time, and became dangerous.

Several years ago all the big growers switched to the same size bin, but in very heavy plastic.  I have managed to finagle three of these, and find no real drawback.  You can use hay twine to tie them to the fence, so the horses can't shove them around. They are smooth all over, with slats for water to go through.  They work great, except there will ALWAYS be horses that take out all the hay and throw it on the ground anyway!
[Karen Sullivan]  Karen, in Lake County Calif.  

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