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Re: you guys are great!!!

Sorry to take so long to reply...we have been rearranging rooms in our
house the last few days so I can have an OFFICE!!  Hurray!  Anyway....I did
notice that someone mentioned farrier to you.  I wanted to add some info to
that.  There is potential to make a very good living as a farrier IF YOU
ARE GOOD AT IT....actually, there are a lot out there who aren't good at it
and still do.  I believe that being a farrier requires a "talent" for "eye" so to speak.  Most farrier schools run courses that are
anywhere from 3-6 months (?)...something like that.  Not a college degree
by any means but a good start.  A good farrier will apprentice and then go
on to build his own clientele from there. There is surely the need.  I
think most continue to educate themselves through more apprentice work or
attending workshops and conventions, etc.  I believe that just starting
out, a new farrier could probably make at least $25,000 a year and would go
up from there depending on the area you are in....keep in mind that that is
a VERY conservative figure and depends also on building a clientele.  The
other nice thing is making your own schedule....actually I make the
schedule for my farrier husband and you can be sure I have scheduled time
off for the rides we want to attend!!  :)  You would also want to consider
taking some business management courses, maybe even marketing but it
wouldn't have to be a commitment to 4 years or more of college.  You can
often take courses like that at a local college in the evenings.  Anyway,
this was just my 2 cents.  Maybe other farriers out there have more to
add...I'm not the farrier, just the farrier's wife (and don't underestimate
THAT!).  :)  Take care and good luck!

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
10601 S. Richards Rd.
McBain, Michigan 49657

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