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Riding Buddies

I've enjoyed reading the posts of the seasoned endurance riders as well as
those cruising for information.  While I personally do not participate in
Endurance Rides, I've found this site to be a wonderful source of
information for anyone that wants to learn about distance riding, even if
for non-competitive pleasure purposes. :-)

My family and I moved to Middle Tennessee after living 20 years in NW
Florida.  The move has been great in every respect but one.  I've lost my
riding buddies and haven't seemed to track down any others in my immediate
area that are free to ride during the weekday, or even on a regular basis
during the weekends.  I'm interested to know if anyone has gone through this
and what they did to find locals or if they went on to ride solo.

We live right in the middle of Walker World (TWH) and it seems most people
do organized walking rides of 200 - 800 people, are strictly show or
participate in the type riding that a beer in hand in a must.  Not that I'm
slamming anyone - just not our style.

My nine year old son, Travis, has gotten the horse bug this past year and I
recently did a change out of some equine youngsters in order to have some
more seasoned equines for he and I to ride together.   Just one of those
decisions that sometimes you just have to let go of what you want to do in
order to make the most of the short time with your children.  Even so, I
still need to keep them working and in condition and am getting SO tired of
riding around in circles on our own property.  Any comments or advice?

Thanks - Sue Fritsche
in Middle Tennessee

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