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Re: Silver Drift, Searching for

Silver Drift was indeed an Arabian stallion.  If I've done the math
correctly he was born in 1951.  His AHR number is 23494, this may help with
your research on descendents if you have the Registry CD ROM.  This should
provide many hours of entertainment on a rainy day.

I have photocopies of some articles on Silver Drift.  "Living Legends" from
Arabian Horse World" October 1981 and "The Silver Drift Influence in
Australia" from The Crabbet Influence in Arabians Today, Limited Collector's
Edition, 1993 (please don't turn me in to the copyright people).  The copy
quality is poor, but from the photos I would =not= say he looks like a QH.
He is not a dainty horse, but there is no mistaking his Arabian heritage.
He was a famous horse so there is bound to be a lot of material out there on

My filly is a 5th generation descendent of Silver Drift.  She and her dam
are what I would call "very sturdy" horses.  A friend recognized the
similarities, verified the common lineage and sent the article copies.  I am
not studied in this area.

I also have a copy of a 1971 advertisement (publication not known) for
Kale's Arabian Horses in Kirkland or Bellevue, Washington.  I'm guessing
that Dr. Howard F. Kale was standing Silver Drift at that time, though the
ad does not specify this.

There are probably a bazillion descendants of Silver Drift.  Unless your
plans include starting up a breeding business please allow me to suggest not
limiting your range with concern 'bout who his great-grand-daddy was.  There
are a lot of well-bred horses out there that are easier to find.

Happy hunting.
Tina Rushing  El Granada, CA

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Date: Saturday, January 22, 2000 10:52 PM
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> you know anything about Silver drift.  ...everyone thought he was a
quarterhorse/thoroughbred/maybe some arab.... if you do know anything about
him or know of any of his grandkids (or other relatives) are around or for
sale...whatever...please let me know,  thank you-Renee

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