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Re: Long-ear ????

Burro and donkey are the same, just different names for different regions.
A molly is a female mule, a jenny/jennet is a female donkey.
A mule is a cross between a horse mare and donkey jack, as you already
stated, while a hinney/hinny is a donkey jenny/jennet and a horse stallion.
Conception rate is not as high for hinnies - or at least carrying to term is
not as successful.

There - more than you ever wanted to know about the world of longears. :-)
Sue Fritsche
in Middle Tennessee

Jan asked -
Hi all, just wanted to post a question to the mule, donkey, burro lovers.
What is the difference between a burro and a donkey? SNIP
Also, what is the difference between a molly and a jenny? I know a mule is
a cross with a jack to a mare.  What is a cross between a stallion to a
donkey? SNIP

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