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RE:update i took a licken

Thought you all might enjoy an update.
I had some of the stitches removed on Friday. They took the ones out of my 
forehead and some out of my ear. The Stitches in my knee will come out on 
Friday next week. I can't get an adjustment from my Quackopractor. I am 
still bruised up a bit.I can get up and down on my own. Even go to the 
bathroom and take a shower.
My Mom and I went to eat at a restaurant localy. Some of the locals were 
giving me the once over and staring. I kept looking around suspiciously and 
wispering to my mom. I finally stood up and said "Mom I swear that looks 
like the car that hit me in the Wal-mart parking lot" The staring quickly 
stopped. My mother laughed so hard she was crying.
Another incident was eating chicken soup. I couldnt get my head to quit 
drooping as soon as I bent over to take a bite my nose would drop and hit 
the spoon. Chicken soup smells great  but it is kinda gooey in the nose. I 
got so frusterated I finnaly attempted to flip it into my mouth by 
positioning my spoon. I tried this once out of frusteration. of course the 
chicken soup went all in my hair,face and some on the wall behind me. Mom 
said try to drink it. YEAH Sure... I had it packed down with crackers...mmmm 
next time I will try a fork.
I am able to walk about. I can go out and Feed Ansata. I went out to feed 
her in the pasture yesterday. There was ice in her poor feet and a huge 
ICECUBE in her mane and she was shaking from the cold. So I hobbled over and 
got the lead rope and put it around her neck. Got her jammies out of the 
trailer put them on her and we hobbled over to the barn to get in a nice 
comfy stall. 4 hours later I took the blanket off her and she was dry and 
warm. I gotta go get her out now here after I finish my post It has warmed 
up and no more ice... WE DODGED a bad weather system. Course sounds like 
Angie may have the brunt of it. If she was smart she piled up in the house 
with a hot mug of Tea, coffee or cocoa,And a good book of Walter Farleys. 
Course she may be out in the ice.If we don't hear from her someone may want 
to go get an icepick and go chip her off her horse.
  I am hoping to get on the horse next sunday. We get Haley back in a couple 
of weeks.
So any good recomendations out there I am looking at the Lid locker by 
Lexington. The Pro-Lite from international riding helmets and the Troxel 
Carla (Hey I can hold my head up and not dribble soup)
Ansata (Jail brake in planning)
Haley (mee toooo... someone come get me!)
Rob (I don't care what helmet just no girly colors!)
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