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Thyroid Question

Thanks to all who responded to my query for thyroid info.    In talking to
our local Vet I've  returned to my original belief the horse is just fine.
When I started using him last year he was VERY nervous and worried a lot.
It was hard to get him to eat enough, or drink, any time away from home.  He
shivered a lot, even when it was warm,  mostly when anticipating what he
thought was coming up.
As we got used to each other and he began to think I would not get him into
anything he couldn't handle, he got a lot better.
We've spent a lot of time this year taking the worry out of going places.
Hauling short ways for hard work,  long ways for just poking around,  lots
of variety.    He's learned to eat, drink, relax,  he's gained weight,
(still a lean, hard, body).   Still shivers some but not much.

We've done quite a few miles this year, mixed 50's and LD's  with no
problems, finishing sort of in the middle most times.

At this last weeks ride it was really cold,  most of the horses were
shivering.   The  vet check was early in the day, still cold,  and I didn't
blanket enough quick enough, so he got pretty cold while we waited.    The
vet was concerned, as this is often a sign of trouble.
When he suggested a thyroid problem I was interested in checking to see if
there was another factor at work besides just cold.

Everything I've been able to find tells me this is a healthy horse that is
sometimes a worrywart,  and sometimes is just plain cold.   Vet would take
blood for test, but expected it would show normal values.
(Just what I thought, but nice to know)

Thanks again.


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