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Buying back a horse

Early last year, I sold two Arabian fillies I had bred because their 
dispositions left a lot to be desired.  Each had charged the fence (at 
different times) and attempted to bite my children who were just standing 
there watching the horses.  The same person purchased both fillies.  I had 
checked out the buyer and her horses were well taken care of and so I thought 
this would be a good home for the fillies.  I kept the buyer's number and 
address and called to check on the fillies and asked the buyer's trainer 
about them periodically.  I went to see them today and I was horrified.  The 
four year old, Dancer, had a baby this year and was just emaciated.  The 
trainer had told me she had lost some weight with the baby, but what I saw 
was amazing.  Dancer's hips were protruding, all of her ribs were showing, 
her cap refill was horrible, her anal area was flaccid.  I have been crying 
off and on since 10 a.m. when I saw her.  I have a 30 year old mare that I 
worry about being too thin, but Dancer makes my old mare look plumb.

None of the other horses on this pasture looked as bad as Dancer.  The 
trainer said she'd had Dancer and her baby for about a month, had weaned the 
baby and that Dancer had gained "a lot" of weight in the past few weeks.  I 
discussed Dancer's feed with the trainer and suggested Weight Builder or corn 
oil or beet pulp in her feed and the trainer said she'd talk to the owner 
about adding one of those.  I want to buy my horse back, but haven't thought 
of any diplomatic way to speak to the buyer.  Any suggestions?  Other than 
waiting until my hands stop shaking each time I think about it.  I tried so 
hard to be sure these horses were going to a good home.

Rhonda and Special

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