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Dominant horses / round penning

Hi, Kimberley

>One is to open your mind to ideas and 'listen' to the whys when you go to
clinics, see videos, get instructions.  How could you possibly be doing
these things but still think some cowboy figure is just chasing a horse in

I think this was probably directed at me.  And I don't do these things (the
round pen chasing anyway).

>Two is ask yourself this question:  when a true emergency comes up on the
trail, something really, really scary and that horse wants to turn tail and
run, do you really want him to be the alpha and not listen to you as you
suggest a safer course of action?  >

I think I've mentioned before that, in every emergency I've ever faced, my
horse has been an absolute star, and done everything I could ever have asked
of him.  I think where you and I disagree is on the concept of "alpha".  I
just don't think it's all it's cracked up to be, is all.

>All roundpenning does is gives you one of many 'tools' to teach the horse
to take you _seriously_ while also teaching him that you can be trusted.
These are lessons remembered on the trail when you are on their backs
putting in those wet blankets.  But in order to teach something you must
yourself open your mind and be willing to learn....>

I think I'm willing to learn - I just prefer my horse to be my primary
teacher :-)

>Just my .02 cents for what it is worth.>

Thanks for the input.


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