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Complete text of putting on a dual sanctioned FEI ride

I sent an earlier post and it was truncated in the digests so am resending 
with the full text.

For those UNIX experts among us - don't have a line in your message consisting 
of a single . - the digest makers see it as end of mail...


After I posted the note this morning about a SE ride not going to sanction for
FEI after all - I have received several notes on the topic. This was for the 
on-line ride calendar.

I believe that if we are to have FEI rides in the coming season - we need
to address the issues below or there will continue to be RMs not putting on
FEI rides.  

Ride managers are trying to decide now whether to have a regular/FEI ride
in the 2001 season.  I may be wrong but there does not seem to be a clear
statement of what is required to do this - extra costs - additional rules -
how it affects the regular ride....

My suggestion would be to have a RM who has been thru the process - or one
who understands it very well - put up a balance sheet of income/expenses
and clearly show the additional costs for a dual sanctioned ride. And show 
how you might determine the additional costs you have to charge for the 
FEI entries.

                  AERC                   FEI
Sanction fee      $xxx                   $yyy

Estimated number   N                      M
of entries

Additional cost    0?                    $mmm
per entry

I would also suggest that there be a clear listing of the 
additional things a rider would need to do - and whether they would 
affect the AERC portion of the ride.  An example might be

                      FEI                  AERC

Helmet required      Yes                    No

Shoes w heel
or safety basket
for stirrup          Yes                    No

RM To Do List for FEI part

1.  Get FEI qualified vet... steward ...
2.  Pay $240 for extra sanction fee for ride to FEI by xx before the 
ride date

Jim Mitchell has done a good verbal description of the difference but my
feelings are that many people will understand the information above better.

While I accept that there may be behind the scenes discussion going on 
to reduce the number of differences - I believe we need to have something 
up now to get people started.  Without that - RMs will be reluctant to
participate. Without participation - we don't start getting a handle 
on what we need to do - or to change with the FEI.

In a note I sent in response to one of the questions - I thought some of the 
issues might be as below - my views only of course.

1.  You need to be a good organizer - better than the normal ride
2.  There are additional costs - it's really not clear what those are.
You need to be prepared to allocate those to the FEI riders - and be
prepared to take a loss on that part of it if not enough FEI entries show up.
3.  You may need to start earlier than normal to line up the FEI parts of the 
4.  You may need to "educate" your regular riders about what is different and 
how it will affect them - if any.  You need them to support your ride.

I don't know how many BOD members read RC at this point but would appreciate
this issue being considered by the BOD and AERC International.


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