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RE: On-line calendar use reaches 100K

Tom Ivers might have been heard to comment, "Was that 100,000 accesses done
at the expense of a lowered blood glucagon?", while Susan Evans Garlinghouse
might have said, "Is the ride calendar compatible with beet pulp?"...

I say, well done, and thank you.  You two are a totally unsung pair of
heroes who have continued to support the entire endurance community for
free.  There aren't a lot of "frees" around these days and your efforts are
truly appreciated.

Mike Sofen

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From: Michael Maul []
Subject: RC: On-line calendar use reaches 100K

Yesterday the on-line AERC ride calendar passed the 100,000 page accesses
since we started counting almost 4 years ago.  The community has been using
for over 5 years now.

Mike and Russ

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