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Re: RC: Supracor Saddle Pads

Susan, I've used a Supracor pad for several months now and love it.  Mine has no covering at all, just an edging
of soft fake suede.  I got it from my local dealer, Susan Dyke 805-489-1832 (California) who designed this model
for endurance use.  Not only can I just hose it off to clean it, but I can pour water under it to cool the horse's
back!  The water runs through and out and also gets squished around then flushed out (love my scientific
terminology GBG!) which cools even more.  It won't correct bad saddle fit but it does keep the horse's back cool
and happy!  I have a friend who has a fabric covered pad which he likes but he has also admired my "nude" pad.
    Hope this helps!

"L. Susan Brown-Leger" wrote:

> I am sure there have been posts about these pads before, but the
> archives don't seem to be working.  Anyone have any experience/opinions
> on these?  What's the difference between the Stimulite and Cool Grip?
> Can you really just hose them off?  What is the Cool Grip® Fleece Cover
> made of?  It says "natural-fiber fleece", "machine washable and dryer
> safe"--is this cotton? Wool? Blend?  Here's their web site if you want
> to check it out:

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