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Re: Supracor Saddle Pads

Hi Marlene -- thanks for your input.

Have you ever used an equilon pad?  Are the Cool grips similar?

I too am impressed by the dryness under the pad that you experienced.  The
Equilon claims to "pump the moisture off the horse's back", but I can't believe
they wouldn't be like wearing a plastic bag.

Have you tried hosing it off yet?  Does it soak up water like a sponge?  Does
the horse hair get embedded and impossible to hose off?

Marlene Moss wrote:

> I just got a Cool Grip, but I don't have the fleece cover.  I didn't
> actually do any research because this pad was given to me.  And I've only
> ridden with it twice - in the arena.  But the feed back I've gotten from the
> person who got it for me is very good.  She does lots of endurance and works
> with dozens of people doing endurance - and everyone seems to love the Cool
> Grip.  She says that your saddle will never slip and most of the people she
> rides with don't use a crupper anymore (and she has some very steep trails).
> I rode last night in the arena for about 45 minutes, almost all at a trot.
> The horse is not in condition and had warmed up a bit.  I would have
> expected him to be pretty damp under the saddle - as he was under the
> neoprene girth.  He was completely dry under the saddle pad, just warm.
> I was pretty surprised by that.  Sorry I don't have any more experience, but
> I can't use this pad with the endurance saddle I have now because it's
> thinner and we have to use a thicker pad until I can get a better fitting
> saddle.
> I am also interested in any feed back on these pads.
> Marlene


Regards,  Susan

L. Susan Brown-Leger         Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department
email:                    Mail Stop #25, Clark 413
phone: 508-289-3246                Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
fax:   508-457-2193                                Woods Hole, MA 02543

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