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Re: Ansur Safari

I think they're onto a good idea with this saddle as far as the basic
idea of a treeless saddle is concerned and how they are constructing the
part of it that actually touches the horse.  Also the stirrup placement
is back under your seat more than a traditional saddle, which I really
liked.  However, I tried the dressage model several months ago and did
not like it--for me.  The horse liked it just fine.  I tried the
smallest size, but it was too big for me.  I'm 5'2".  My knees were
about two inches behind the knee rolls, so they may as well not have
been there.  There was very little other support for the rider, so it
really was like a bareback pad.  Also slippery leather!  And I didn't
think that the quality of construction, materials, and details were
worthy of $2000!  Maybe $500.


Regards,  Susan

L. Susan Brown-Leger         Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department
email:                    Mail Stop #25, Clark 413
phone: 508-289-3246                Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
fax:   508-457-2193                                Woods Hole, MA 02543

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